Thursday, September 27, 2012

How do babies get eczema?

How do babies get eczema?

Babies getting eczema is quite a normal problem now days. In fact it has been surveyed that eczema is most prevalent in children between the age group of 2 to 5 years. The reason for eczema is still unknown however it has been experimented that genetics poses a major threat in children. So if you or your ancestors had the same problem, no wonder you baby has it! There is no precaution for this disease however you can control its occurrences and frequencies.

If you know it from the beginning that your child can get the disease, you can definitely take some precautionary measures to keep it in control and avoid further problems. Eczema can be worse in situations where proper care is not taken. Thus it is mandatory for you to look after your child and see to it whether he gets eczema or not. In case you know in advance, you can keep a regular check and can start taking the cure as early as possible. The cure for eczema may involve simple routine of washing the rashes and applying an antiseptic. This may also involve keeping your child in cool environment. Babies get eczema quite often due to other reasons too. Obviously genetics is one major issue why people get eczema however there are other reasons too! 

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