Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Eczema in Infants

Taking care of eczema:

The best way to deal with eczema in infants is to keep them clean and moisturized as often as possible. Consult the doctor and ask him how often you can give your child a bath. Always make sure that you do not bathe them with hot water. The reason behind this is that hot water dries off the body quickly as compared to cold water leaving the skin dry and more exposed to rashes. In case you are not comfortable with cold water, try lukewarm water which is much better. If prescribed, apply the ointment soon after giving him a bath. However if you have not visited the doctor yet and are trying to deal with it at home, it is advised to moisturize the skin soon after giving the bath i.e. on wet skin itself.

After properly moisturizing, dress them in a cool an airy dress that allows the skin to rest and breathe. Also try to keep them is a cool environment without exposing to sun and heat. Mostly children use to rub and scratch the affected area which worsens the situations and it is your responsibility to tell them that it is not for their own good.

Moreover if your child is exposed to eczema, you must keep certain things in mind. The most important among them is to use the right soaps and shampoos as they can also be one of the causes of eczema in infants. Change the soap and watch out for the results. Avoid using chemicals on the natural skin of kids as it may lead to harshness. Baby products are best suited for them!

Avoiding triggers and taking proper care can help to reduce eczema to much extend. The rashes don’t go away too quickly but eventually start to fade out and soon disappear leaving no mark. To avoid coming it back, keep your baby’s skin clean and moisturised without applying much chemicals and exposing to heat and sun.

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