Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Eczema in infants

Dealing with eczema in infants

According to a survey, more than 20% of the infants and children are exposed to eczema which reveals that eczema in infants is a common disorder now days. For ignorant people, eczema is a skin disease which causes rashes on skin and is the most common disorder among children under the age of 5. It may appear on any body part including hands, scalp or even chest. The rash looks like an irritated skin area that gets worse upon rubbing or scratching. Eczema in infants usually comes and goes and is not a permanent and contagious problem but the continuous itching may irritate the affected child.

Reason for eczema:

The cause of eczema in infants is still unknown and it is often considered that there is no such specific reason behind this. Most commonly it is triggered by pollutants and smoke. However being allergic to a specific item can also be the cause of eczema. Recognized by rashes, eczema can get worse due to exposed heat and rubbing.

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