Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Psoriasis Symtoms

Psoriasis: symptoms and treatment :

Psoriasis is a skin disease that is not contagious and involves dry, thick, red rashes on the skin. There is no specific cause for psoriasis but only hormonal misbalance that causes the lymphocytes in the blood cells to develop rapidly in uneven fashion. Though it can happen at any place, the majorly affected areas include knees and elbows. It is to be understood that psoriasis is not curable yet it can be controlled through medication. Genetics is also an important factor that might be the reason behind the disease in some cases.

The severity of the disease may vary from people to people. Some people have so light occurrence that they don’t even notice it. However it is advisory to recognize it in the initial stage itself and start taking precautionary measures from the beginning. Giving a chance to psoriasis to grow is like inviting danger. Psoriasis is a long term, non curable disease that is characterized by black red rashes. In most of the cases, after taking certain amount of medication the rashes disappear slowly but by the passing of time, it starts appearing again. It is utterly important for them to notice these symptoms quickly after they emerge and start taking the medication as soon as possible. 

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