Sunday, November 14, 2010


Eczema is one of the most common skin complaints every one has and around the world everyone would have experienced it at least once either for few days, for few weeks, for few months or it is even for years because every human skin is different from each and the cells are sometimes dead in the skin of some people and this causes eczema. It affects people of all ages and can occur at any time in life for various reasons by getting in contact with harmful chemical, dirty soil, in the back yard of your house in the garden glue, cement and unhygienic liquid contact. There are several types of eczema, and these affect with different causes. Although, there has been a lot of progress in today’s growing generation awareness through books, internet and ofcourse the doctors in our modern developed world on eczema. When effected by Eczema it is itchy and feels uncomfortable, uneasy with clothes on and in summer it is still worst when the salty sweat runs over the affected area that becomes more unbearable, as well as being visible to others. When a child is affected, there will be disruption for the whole family from disturbed sleep and the time for curing the eczema treatment takes a long time to heel. In adults, eczema can effect on their studies and work, as well as recreational activities and social life.

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